KLEENOIL; as specialists in only cellulose depth filtration; provide only KLEENOIL filtration products throughout the UK and WORLD to all sectors of industrial and commercial industries.

Est;1976 – Kleenoil was developed; following the Israeli-Egyptian war of 1974, to solve ways of conserving oil supplies mainly in transport, then in 1986 turned to export after ten years of growth in its domestic market, which has grown to be its largest, directly supplying over 20 countries in all applications from vehicle engines to Marine, Power generation and now more predominantly in hydraulic oil cleaning.

For over 45 years KLEENOIL remains the market leader in B-pass cellulose depth filtration; with a complete in-house service from design and production through to installation and condition monitoring services.
What is By-pass cellulose depth filtration?

By-pass filtration – often referred to as ‘kidney filtration’ or ‘polishing filters’ ; normally features as a secondary filter with the purpose of eliminating nearly all contaminants from the oil.
The reason it’s better than standard filtration techniques;

Full flow filters must push all the fluid flow through their media in a single pass without restriction, this means that even whilst some now use highly efficient medias that do entrap a good amount of particulate; such a flow will force much of the finer particulate straight through, and indeed if the media becomes fully loaded – it will by-pass; so missing and rendering filtration ineffective.

By-pass filtration will take a ‘partial-flow’; and pass this flow steadily through a dense media that allows entrapment of all particles down to 3 microns in size, and as the media is absorptive; it will duly retain any moisture.

By continually returning; as a multi-pass’; a small amount of highly cleansed fluid back to tank; eventually the full system is cleaned; and with permanent installation this will ensure a constantly cleansed, dry system to ISO levels better than that of new oil.

KLEENOIL Cellulose Depth filters use a natural porous filtration medium to retain particles throughout, rather than just on a surface.

Relative to other types of filters, KLEENOIL can retain a large mass of particles before becoming clogged or channelling.

Depth filtration is generally typified by multiple porous layers which at depth are used to capture the solid contaminants from the liquid phase. Due to the tortuous and channel-like nature of the filtration medium; the particles are retained throughout within its structure, as opposed to on a surface. Depth filters pose the added advantage that they can attain a high quantity of particles without compromising the separation efficiency.